Friday, August 15, 2003

Attentioooh, look at that...

I have the attention span of a brain-damaged gnat. I go online to check my email, and half-an-hour later I'm doing a quiz to see what colour my pants would be if I was an anime character, or something.

Anyway, that's not what I was going to go on about. What I was going to go on about was this: I'm trying to get abducted by aliens again and it's just not happening. (That's trying again, not being abducted again. This would be my first abduction.) I've tried re-tuning my temporal lobe as a communications device, but either a) nothing happened b) the aliens didn't want to tell me anything, or c) the aliens want me to do stuff like pop out to the shops or make a cup of tea.

I want to write a story about an alien abduction for this SF webzine, and I don't want to just cobble one together from existing sources. If I was back in the UK, I'd obviously hit some out-of-the-way place with a reputation for that kind of activity. You know, airy mountains, rushy glens, etc.* However, I'm not up to snuff on Spanish folklore... really must try and get a handle on that.

*Yeah, I knopw that's fairies, not aliens. They didn't have aliens back then. The fairies had to handle that whole side of things till the aliens got here. Ever noticed how nobody gets stolen by fairies anymore?

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