Sunday, August 24, 2003

Next day...

Thanks for nothing. Stupid entities.

I think I may give this up. I mean, I've got an excellent stall now, loads of different stuff, and still no-one's buying. Feel like I gave it a fair shot. I'm going to start flypitching down on the beach (on a smaller scale, so I can cut and run if the police turn up). Also going to try selling stuff to shops. Still want to do the eBay thing, but that might take a while to set up. If anyone has any experience of doing that kind of thing, drop me a line.

Time to start putting cards up, advertising for things like cleaning work and English conversation. Or childminding-- rich parents here always want English-speaking childminders. I've also been letting my hair grow back; I hate it, but it seems I need to be more acceptable to Them if I'm going to get a job.

I'll prolly still go to the park on Sundays, I'll just stop expecting to sell anything. There's loads of reasons to go there anyway. It's a nice atmosphere, you meet interesting people, there's lots to see, there's drums and sundry assorted noise. And there's the dogs-- I really like the dogs that the traders bring to the park. They're so lively and so full of personality. There's the occasional incident, but generally they're hardly any trouble, most of them having been trained from puppyhood to not run across people's stalls and stuff. They'll scamper all over the place, and never put so much as a toe on the groundsheets.

Then some bloody tourist'll come by, let their stupid mutt off the lead, and stand there like lemons while it trashes everything in sight.

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