Monday, September 01, 2003

Boring stuff while I recharge my rant juice

Knackered. Weekend fairly productive-- still haven't finished that bloody article, but got scads of other writing done. Today was fun, in a quiet sort of way. Hit the swimming pool, all empty and melancholy under the cloudy skies, nothing in it but fallen leaves. By the time I get home from the Septic Isle they'll have closed it till next spring, so I'm getting as much use out of it as I can before then.

After that I went for a stroll in the woods. Lots of dry vegetation, poppy-heads, teasles. Saw several butterflies and an uncommon number of crickets. Then I took the train to the disturbingly large supermarket, where I bought groceries and a mammoth bumper book on tarot. Yes, I already own many many books on the Tarot but they're all in English and, more importantly, in England.

Still haven't found a magick shop in Barca. I know such an emporium must exist, but where? Google knows not, and the Paginas Amarrillas are silent. I'd ask my entities for help but I'm giving them a bit of a sabbatical.

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