Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Abstract Carnivore.

Okay, so I'd been mulling over a certain lack of inspiration in my world lately. There's been a diabolical amount of sameoldsameoldness about and it's been making me feel oddly stale, in a Must I do everything myself? sort of way.

Then a passing exchange on a messageboard serendipitously recalled this site, discovered in an idle hour then forgotten. Fool that I am! For it makes me a happy little mutant to behold it. And it has an excellent footnote* expounding the following defintion... "Time: An abstract carnivore; found at the top of the food chain."

I liked just looking at the instruments. They brought back happy memories of trying to play an eggslicer as a nipper. Now I have all these vague but happy thoughts involving musical found-object sculpture.

And life is good.

*I've always liked footnotes. Sometimes they're a pain in the bum, sure, but I like the way they let you go burrowing off in a totally different direction to the rest of the text. Wormholes in the 2-D space of the written word.

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