Friday, September 19, 2003


Okay, so Day 1 we got to M's flat where we were going to be staying but she was out and we were all Bugger because we didn't have a mobile or anything, and I said Dude, she's just gone to get some beer or something, she'll be back in a minute, her bike's still here. But Lurid got a little antsy at the thought of waiting around so we went to go to the pub or something, but as we were going up the road we saw her coming the other way, we saw her bright orange bag before we could see her face. I was right about the beer. Another friend came over and we had a little dinner party, the first she'd had in her new flat. We christened her new kitchen table with pasta and Stella. Lurid was abducted by aliens in the night.

The next day we visited another mate and then rocked on over to a little tiny fetish night. Got the gen on Mousegate (which was really depressing tho' not for the reasons you'd think, just in a "God, everybody's pretty lame, aren't they?" sort of way.) Lurid abducted again; returned unharmed but with a bizarre craving for vanilla Coke.

Day 3 was the free Limp Bizcuit gig. Yeah, I know, I know, but sometimes you do something you wouldn't normally do and you have a really great time, y'know? I can't say it happened that way on this particular occasion, but it wasn't unpleasant or anything. Just sort of bland... anyway, it gave us a chance to load up on sida cordifolia capsules from the legal high stall. We would need those. Lurid abducted twice; the aliens left a small probe in his right nostril and had to come back for it.

Day after the gig I hooked up with a bunch of my imaginary friends for fun and BEER. I was still a bit zombed from the night before, but not totally incoherent so that was okay. Necked a couple of the capsules and perked up a bit. It was great. Get-togethers like that are what I miss most about living in London.

Then I went and spent a couple of days with my folks, which was nice. I am not sure whether Lurid was abducted during this time or not, but he seemed pre-occupied and kept playing with his tinfoil beanie at mealtimes.

When I got back to London we had another meet, which was cracking good fun. Discovered that a large body of mathmos had had the same idea as us, including a few good buddies, which was awesome. Had one of those stupid nights where you end up in a club and it seems like a really good idea to stay out dancing till 3:30am in the full knowledge that you have to get up at 7am to catch a plane.

We caught the plane. I have no idea how, but we caught the plane. This was to go to an Irish wedding reception, you understand. (The bash was out on Inchydoney island, a slightly awkward to get to but unbeliveably lovely part of the world. West Cork coast, dude. Bloody gorgeous.)

Had a blast at the reception; it was great to see two friends so damn happy. Also enjoyed hooking up with some of the aforementioned mathmos, who I'd not had a chance to really chat to at the London meet. Lurid, myself and M. stayed in the area for the weekend, walking, vegetating, staying up till stupid o'clock and running into various friends from the wedding party. Aliens conspicuous by abscence.

We'd hoped to do a bit more on our return to London, but all that partying had finally caught up with L.A. so we just chilled round his dad's for the last few days, surfing and downloading shit from Kazaa (L.A. senior has broadband). Up-to-date with Buffy, but not Angel.

Did damn-all actual work while I was over there, but I did do a lot of thinking. Will write up thinky stuff and post if not too boring. True to her word, my Mum gave me a digital camera and I took a ridiculous number of pictures, mostly of Inchydoney. However, it is missing some crucial widget that will let it talk to the computer, so I can't start that photolog quite yet.

Aliens left small cocktail-umbrella like device in Lurid's ear; all attempts to dislodge it have so far failed. Must try turpentine. Turpentine shifts most things, I find.

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