Monday, September 22, 2003


God, I'm really looking forward to the demo on the 27th. I was wandering round campus and there were a whole load of posters up, plugging the event. Judging by what I've seen here so far it's going to be massive. People here aren't slack about taking to the streets-- when they've got something to tell the world, they get right up and shout about it. And bang saucepans. I guess it has something to do with the national temprement, but there's also the Franco factor: the memory of life under a fascist dictator is still fresh and sore in many people's minds. Gee, isn't it odd that in countries where people have actually had to deal with that shit, there's much less pro-fascist sentiment and much less striking of fascist poses to shock and get attention than there is in places where everyone's got used to democracy. %I wonder why that might be?%

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