Monday, September 29, 2003


Had a nice night out on Sat. Went to see some friends for a drink, ended up staying out till four or five. Didn't even notice the time.

Sunday was cool. The healer's network people all seem really sweet. Next meet is in a month's time; it's their bonanza day, everyone trading skills. Every other person seems to have a Reiki attunment so I've offered SKHM, just for a bit of a change. I'm hoping to pair up with a channeller, 'coz I want a word with a certain pair* of spooky invisible voyeurs. But I'm easy, really.

*I've been getting a clearer mental image of the enities lately. Not sure how much detail I want to go into on my public blog, but it looks like they're twins or something. They've been getting mega pushy-- they want a weblog of their own now. A green one, apparently. Which is fine by me, but they're going to have to learn a form of communication other than trouser semaphore.

Oh, and this better be good, guys. There's no way you're getting me to stand up in front of the entire blogosphere and tell everyone I bring them a message of universal peace and harmony. Peace and harmony do not go with my stuff.

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