Saturday, June 22, 2002

Am I right in thinking this is a horrible injustice?

Fom here: Torn From America

Manalastas is a 45-year-old Filipino immigrant who has been in a Kentucky jail since March 6, awaiting deportation... He is listed as an "absconder," which means he sits in jail without a chance to present his case before a judge, or even to post bail... He's lost his $11-an-hour job at a Kentucky beverage plant. His dream of patenting a pig-roasting oven he invented for the catering business he does on the side has faded. Neither his wife nor any of his daughters are allowed to work. Since his arrest, the family has had no income. They have been forced to raise money for legal fees by holding garage sales. They have turned to friends for groceries. Soon, the family will be forced to leave its rented home....

It gets worse. Read the article for more.

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