Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Reality Bites

B*gger. After the initial burst of activity that followed my decision to give Uni the heave-ho, I seem to have contracted galloping ennui. I have a huge student loan, a monstrous overdraft, and a credit card bill; I also owe the squeeze a ridiculous amount of money. Even if I got a job tomorrow, it's unlikely that I'd be earning enough to even start paying off all this c**p. It's looking increasingly likely that I'll end up back at the hinge factory or something, at least in the short term.

I want a job, so that I can have money. I don't want a job, so that I can look for a better job. I need... what do I need? I really need a miracle. My mage-fu seems weak lately tho'.

Get up. Get up. Getupgetupgetupgetup.

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