Tuesday, June 25, 2002

eBay item 886090622 (Ends 27-Jun-02 07:30:41 BST ) - Occult Collection

From ebay:

This collection of occult materials contains books, artifacts, antiques, relics, notes, inscriptions, bindings, entrapments, etc. This represents the collected works and objects of a very successful and extremely formidable practicing Magus and Demonologist. The collection of notes from the former owner’s unfinished work, including a book that seems to be some sort of Encyclopaedia Infernale, is quite interesting if not intimidating. All of the notes and bookmarks are still present. The collection is untouched, just as it was left/found. The black box (see photograph) is perhaps the most horrible. One can actually feel the energy (read: evil unrest) emanating from it. The black box is locked and chained shut and is bound in red cord said to bind the many malevolent spirits or demons within. In the black box there is said to be an urn containing a relic or object in which the soul of a powerful black magus is trapped (this is not the only spirit said to be trapped inside nor are they all said to be human or earthly). Also, a silver knife and animal hides with unrecognizable symbols written in black and red/brown (it could be blood, we don’t want to know) ink. It is known that two copies of a grimoire titled “The Red Dragon” are contained within this box as well as other rare books known through occult circles.

Makes the dear ol' haunted painting look quite innocent, doesn't it? *sigh*...

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