Thursday, June 27, 2002

Blog bloggity blog blog blog.

From here:

Dorothy has an extensive list of words to hate. She's pretty much right-on with most of them (what's wrong with 'disrobe'?) and so I'd like to add one more: blog. Blogging. Yes, I know there's a little button down there that links to, but really! Blog, yech, it sounds like something you'd find in a toilet. Blog. What's wrong with weblog? Or web site? Call this a web site. Please.

I actually sort of like the word "blog." It makes me think of walking along muddy paths in the woods, something I used to do a lot of in my rural, car-less youth. (And before you say it: no, my family did not sell the car to buy a set of matching ten-speed mountain bikes. My dad couldn't see well enough to drive and my mum never passed her test. I got around on shanks ponies or a decrepit lady's shopper. Er. That's a lady's shopping bike which was decrepit, not a bike for decrepit ladies.)

So, life. Still fraught. Still can't find a proper job. I started at the call centre today; I'm not looking forward to going back. Oh, well. It's only till Thursday, then I have a caretaking gig lined up. My co-ordinator was most impressed when I said I could do light repairs: apparently most of the females don't know one end of a screwdriver from the other. I had an interview for a part-time job in a pharmacy but I don't think I'll get that.

I can't belive how much energy I've had lately. I was up till three this morning writing my magick/environmental story, and I still had it in me to take a three-hour round trip on the tube and then walk around my area looking for "help wanted" notices. I'm tired, but somehow I can't stop.

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