Sunday, June 23, 2002

Can We Afford This Anymore?

I'm no Britney fan, but I find the amount of venom being directed at her in these posters (not the website itself, the posters) disturbing. I mean, for fuck's sake, people- she's just the latest pretty blonde chick in a long line of pretty blonde chicks to have her image slathered across our consciousness for the simple purpose of lining some bastard's pockets. Surely some of this vituperation should be sent in the direction of the baying pack of fetid, dung-breathed jackals who get their obscene paychecks and probably their jollies by hunting down the latest pretty blonde chick and milking her for all she's worth, before flinging her to a lower tier of jackaldom so she can be declared Over and have the piss ripped out of her for not being the lastest pretty blonde chick anymore. But that would take some thought, wouldn't it; it's easier to blame the face on the billboard than the people who put it there.

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