Thursday, June 27, 2002

Oh, God. Another sick search referal: this time it was some human compost-heap looking for "Chiang+12+year+old+t1ts". 'Scuse the l33t-- I'm trying to avoid turning up on too many t1t searches coz the kind of person who searches for "t1ts" is likely to take huge horrible offense at the contents of this here blog. I can do without any more eejits sending me pr0n. (I should perhaps make it clear that I have no problem in principle with pr0n involving consenting adults.)

So, anyway. Sick fuck searches. Now, since this page has turned up on one such search it is reasonable to suppose that it will turn up on others, so I'll take the opportunity to address any k1ddy-pr0n consumers who may happen to stumble across it:

You are not out of the loop. You are not "only" a collector. What you are doing is not harmless.

You are playing a vital part in an industry that destroys lives.

That's all.

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