Saturday, June 22, 2002


I want a sword. For the last year and a half, I've been really into the idea of having a really big sword, a broadsword or something, and getting really good at using it- maybe as a sort of magickal keep-fit exercise.

I got back into an exercise regimen recently. I noticed that my thigh muscles were getting tired after walking any real distance, so I started doing squat thrusts. I've now got it so I'm doing about two dozen a day, which is fine exept the other day I noticed a couple of red stretch-marks. I already have some (relics of my accelerated puberty) but they're really old and had got to the silver-streak stage and didn't show so much. I haven't put on any weight, in fact I've lost a few pounds, so the marks can only be due to an increase in the size of the muscles.

I don't get it. In all other respects I have a typical high-oestragen physique: curvy, with little body or facial hair. But when I exercize my muscles bulk up faster than some men I know. I had to give up some upper-boddy stuff I was doing a few years ago because my neck ended up almost as thick as my head. It's insane.

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